Offers & services

Offers & services

Wirtschaftsförderung Oberhausen GmbH specialises in advising companies in their start-up and development phases and making choices for the right location.

Our core business is coaching investment projects. Our strategic goal is to position Oberhausen as one of the economic locations in NRW with great long-term potential. We suggest Oberhausen to investors and tie the investments of new and existing companies to our city. One way to reach this goal is consistent customer focus and close contacts with companies, organisations, and politics.

Wirtschaftsförderung Oberhausen is available as a central contact and advisor for anything that would be of interest to companies. We offer classic services such as real estate, lease objects and obtaining permits, but also consulting, access to financial partners and public subsidy programmes, manpower requirements, and collaborations. To make all of this possible, WFO also includes a network of reliable partners to ensure that the companies receive solutions that fit their needs perfectly and efficiently. We have been working closely with all players in the economic force, such as companies, city administrators, the different chambers, organisations, capital providers, advisors, etc.

Details on WFO services

  • Economic consulting of entrepreneurs (during the site decision and start-up stages, to strengthen their position in the market and follow-up consulting) as well as advice on taking advantage of subsidies and financial aid.
  • Support with communication between entrepreneurs and local authorities. We serve as contacts and stakeholders vis-ā-vis the administration.
  • Site marketing and PR for the economic location of Oberhausen and the region (including participating in national and international tradeshows).
  • Real estate services (finding commercial spaces and lending support during purchase and leasing negotiations).
  • Project management: Participation in various projects, such as analysis of potentials, qualification offensive, Chemieatlas, district projects, real estate fair, Unternehmen#Schule, family-friendly companies, etc..

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